Products & Services

Gourmet mushrooms 

Because of our high quality substrate and local production, Ceres mushroom products have an unrivaled flavor, texture and freshness. We currently offer several varieties of oyster mushrooms and are continuously testing new species. 

Mycopro texture_edited.jpg

Ceres Solutions is in the final stages of developing its unique livestock feed, Mycopro.  Mycopro contains gourmet mushroom mycelium (roots) and has an exceptional nutritional profile. This product will be available to local farmers and ranchers at no charge once approved. 

Spent grain removal

Getting spent grain removed from your brewery can be a hassle. Ceres is developing a reliable spent grain removal service that will be more sustainable, competitively priced and consistent than current methods of removal available to brewers. Contact us for more details or to participate in this program. 

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