Where To Buy 

Calgary Farmers Market


Innisfail Grower's booth
510 77th Ave SE Calgary
Thursday to Sunday 9am - 5pm

***Open Year Round***


Additional market locations coming spring 2021!

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Made with passion for food, creativity and innovation. We aspire to have you taste not only quality in our food but also inspiration in what we do.

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Mushroom Dumpling.jpg


This is the most popular plant-based Honest Dumpling variety. Oyster, enoki, shiitake, and white button mushrooms, caramelized onions, drizzled with white truffle oil, and wrapped in an Italian parsley wrapper. If you are mad about mushrooms, these will make you maniacal!

Truffle oil mushroom Dumpling

 Thai Sweet Chili Oyster Mushroom

This is our newest collaboration with Ceres Solutions' upcycled oyster mushrooms sustainably grown on local craft brewer's grain. The sweet, savory, tangy and spicy Thai sweet chili sauce made with our signature ginger garlic spicy sauce is seriously addictive!